Information for Sellers

Please read the following before considering listing your license for sale as Toronto Maple Leaf Licenses will require the following

  • A copy of your Personal Seat License that was issued by MLSE by fax or scanned/e-mailed to us. It is your responsibility to contact MLSE and arrange to receive a copy of it. Should MLSE not have a copy on record, a formal letter from MLSE is required to confirm your PSL account is in good standing and is able to be transferred.
  • A copy of your most recent season ticket invoice from MLSE. This is required in order to include current ticket cost in the listing price.
  • A meeting at your place of business or your home to verify that you are authorized to deal with the seat license sale.
  • If the sale is being processed from a company name, two senior managers or owners are required to sign the PSL transfer form
  • A seat license transfer form from MLSE. The correct phone number and contact at MLSE can be provided to you. You are required to fax or e-mail us a copy of the transfer form to provide further proof of your ownership.
  • To think long and hard before you agree to sell your seat license, once we start the process of the seat license transfer by having you sign the PSL transfer form, which is done once we have a buyer, who has provided us with a deposit cheque, there is no going back on the transfer. If you wish to test the water by seeing if their is interest, DON’T post the tickets with our service, If you committed to selling your license, we can assist you. Should you think you may need to change your mind, please don’t list the license for sale. We spend a lot of time and energy dealing with the buyers questions and concerns both by e-mail and by phone and then taking the time if necessary taking the buyer down to the ACC for a tour of the seats.
  • You need to read all the FAQs before contacting us; you will understand the proper procedure much better by reading the FAQs.

Please note these Toronto Maple Leaf licenses sections that are in demand:

  • Platinum and Gold in section 107,108,109 or 120,119,118
  • Reds in section 110 to 117
  • Green and Purple in any section. The lower the row the better.