Updated May 2019

Welcome to Team Licenses.
Over the years  we have successfully handled many Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (MLSE) Seat License agreements. 
After over 100 license transactions and we know the proper way to handle the MLSE Personal Seat Licenses (PSL) transfers. The fact that we have handled more licenses than anyone is a tribute to our way of ensuring both the buyers and the sellers are protected. 
  In some cases we were the buyers, some cases we were the sellers, and in other cases we acted as the broker between the buyer and seller. If you need to sell your seat license we do have a waiting list of buyers for many different seat sections. However since we act as a broker we know the marketplace and the fair market value, we will not act for anyone trying to sell the license way over the fair market value. We want both the seller and the buyer do walk away believing that a fair price was achieved for both the buyers and the sellers!

Please take time to review the most frequently asked questions it will help you understand the full process of buying and selling seat licenses.
One of our team will be happy to answer any additional questions and help you buy or sell your seat license.

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