1) Ask as many questions as you need to ensure you have all the facts necessary before you offer to purchase the seat license from us. But please when emailing questions, include a daytime phone number so if I need to discuss by phone I can do that option. My typing fingers get very tired in providing a long detailed answer back to a question.

2) If you are unsure where the seats are located, take a look at the seating charts that we provided on our web site. Check the map carefully to ensure you understand where the seats are located. Also go to www.theaircanadacentre.com site, and click on the seat locator icon. While we can arrange to have you see the seats during the day, its best to view them during a game situation if your unsure if your enjoy the game from that seat when the arena maybe set up for a concert or other special event. All you need to do is get to the game one hour before the puck drops, or the tip-off for basketball, and try to sit and watch the warm-up before the ticket holder arrives to sit down. By watching the warm-up your have a great idea how the seats are. No, the season ticket holder cannot give you the tickets for the game, but in some cases we can sell you the tickets for a game. No, we cannot sell you the tickets for the home opener, or the Montreal or Pittsburgh game, as those tickets will be in high demand.

3) We will accept a minimum deposit of a min of $10,000 when an agreement is reached. However please note in some cases the deposit can be higher.

4) Note you will be making the payment to EToronto Tickets., and all offers will be subject to HST. Should the seller be unable to complete the seat license transaction, we will guarantee the deposit money to be paid back to you. Should you be unable to fulfill your obligation to purchase the license then the deposit will not be refunded.

5) As a licensed season ticket holder, you do have to purchase the regular season tickets and play-off tickets. Should you be unable to purchase the season tickets for some reason, our service www.etorontotickets.com would be pleased to assist in purchasing your regular season and/or play-off tickets that you cannot use. We are in position to even pay upfront to MLSE the full payment that is required for the season tickets on your behalf. Please contact Arif Jindani directly at 416-644-4255 to discuss.

6) Once you own the seat license, you have the right to will your license, to give or to sell your license, but you must wait one year after the seat license is finalized as per the rules that Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment has provided. You cannot flip the seats for one year, but you can sell the game tickets as you see fit during the one-year period.

7) When we acts as a broker between a seller and a buyer, we will have negotiated a fee from the seller for our services. We generally charge a 5% out of the purchase price. So if you purchase a license for $75,000 plus HST, please note that the seller will receive $71,250 plus HST and we will get $3,750 plus HST for our services. We disclose this broker fee to both the buyer and the seller, so everyone understands we represent both parties fairly.

8) We will attempt to disclose all the information about the seats location we can, however it is up to the seller to ensure the seats are as described. Example we may say first row golds, but it is possible for the Scotiabank Arena to have changed the number of rows for certain events, or the colour of the rows, so that the seats may now be 2nd row golds. We make all reasonable attempts to ensure the seat license is as described.

If you are not serious about purchasing a seat license let’s not waste each others time. If you are serious I invite you to ask as many questions as you need to ensure that you have all the answers necessary to make a decision in purchasing a seat license. Please don’t ask to be put on any waiting list unless you have the ability to actually put up the money when the time comes.

Arif Jindani


EToronto Tickets



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